2016 Porsche Cayman GT4


this is a 2016 porsche cayman gt4
I’ve got it from a reader who lives a couple hours away from me named Paul who apparently believes that I am a rational and reasonable car journalistbefore I go any further with the Cayman gt4 let me tell you about it that often makes high-performance gtv versions ofits sports cars first there was the ultra-rare 911 gt1 essentially a racecar for the road then there was the 911 gt2 a crazy insane wild high-performance sports car then there was the 911 gt3 I once played ping-pong on the wing of a 911 gt3 now there’s this the Cayman gt4 the fourth rung down a ladder of porsche GT cars that stretches from really crazy insane to mostly insane so the details the Cayman gt4 has a 3.8 liter flat-six that makes 385 horsepower and 310 pound feet of torque it’ll do 0-60 in something like four seconds and a top speed abouta hundred and eighty miles an hour and it is the ultimate transmission and enthusiasts friendly 6-speed manual not a dual-clutch automatic like the 911 gt3 starting price around eighty six thousand dollars this place is it squarely in competition with the 911 which starts at just over ninety thousand dollars with shipping and that begs the question is this better than the 911 for more of my thoughts click the link below to check out my column on autotrader.comoversteer now let’s get started this is normally the part right tell you all the weird quirks this car has with only one little problem this car doesn’t really have any weird quirks most Porsches don’t this company’s figure out a way to engineer away all of the weird quirks it has normal door handles getting in and out is easy there’s a trunk front and rear the controls are normal the brake lights are normal the cookiesthing about this car is this idiotic fabric interior door handle designed to save weight in a car with a navigation system in fact aside from the surprisingly small rear wing for a Porsche GT car and a few other styling modifications the Cayman gt4 isn’t much different on the outside from a run-of-the-mill dime-a-dozen portray you expect to see Parton reserved parking at your local orthodontist office until you climb behind the wheel let me show you what I mean thinking of course is there just so easy to drive fast but it’s just so planted on the ground it feels so good what up no I just love these things somuch that came in general and then thi is like the ultimate team it’s surprisingly quick it definitely is considering we’re in a cave in and we know that they don’t want to you know beat out 911 and stuff and actually it hauls pretty fast out of that stop sign

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