Why It Sucks Driving The ’17 Mercedes G63 AMG?


Going to shownyou what it’s like to drive mercedes g63 AMG.
One of the coolest parts about the car is the sound it makes when it locks and like a bolt action rifle the doors are made out of galvanized steel so when you shut them it sounds like you’re closing of vaultlet’s. Go ahead and hop inside you’ll note the interior of the g63 is incredibly luxurious it is not just a brute-force vehicle we’ve got nappa leather lovely quilted pattern we’ve got 10 way adjustable seats we’ve got a nice infotainment system as well as a really impressive backup camera that i’ll show you.
The key is inserted into here you don’t actually have a push-button startnote on the AMG cars it comes with an all falter bak logo on the back of the key and this is actually hundred fifty dollars just for the plastic part on the back of the key how crazy is that let’s insert the key started up here.
the excellent rumble of that 5.5 litre v8
got a nice display it’s not as big as some of the new Mercedes models but it knows with the theme of the g-wagen as does leather everywhere we’ve got a heated steering wheel heated and cooled seats very very adjustable also some of the seat controls are here on the side that’s very unique the emergency brake is covered in leather as is everything else in the car we put it in reverse to activate the backup camera check out the graphics here for the steering wheel got different drivelines and you’ve got different viewing angles as well because it is so tall and the cameras mounted so high you get a very cool angle of viewing when you’re backing up you’ve got locking differentials here for the front center and the rear very good for offroad use not useful whatsoever for ninety-nine percent of drivers of this vehicle who just drive it in downtown LA to go to yoga classes and shopping it’s snowing so let’s go ahead and turn on the windshield wipers by rote getting the knob here very very small windshield wipers what is that we’ve got one in the back as well making an absurd amount of noise paddle shifters mounted on the steering wheel here for the seven-speed automatic may respond very very slowly we’ve got different driving modes Comfort Sport and manual when in comfort mode the truck still rides very very hard and in sport mode it is just excessive how hard this vehicle rides we’ve got all-wheel drive and the 4maticsystem on the g-wagen does very very well
I’m very impressed with Mercedes all-wheel-drive it’s really something they should use more as a selling point and they just kind of tacking on as a we can offer all-wheel-drive but it really is better than most of the systems out there you can be incredibly confident in the snow even doing speeds higher than the speed limit which obviously is not recommended now with snow driving the most important thing is to give yourself plenty of time to slow down really where people get into trouble is slamming on the brakes at the last second and well the car is not going to stop watch will try that slamming on the brakes and it just slides forward you’ve got to anticipate slowing down much farther in advance then you would normally but just with going around turns at a normal pace this does exceptionally well hello prius this is the opposite of a Prius the trucks it’s very high off the ground you’ve got a very unique driving experience in the g-wagen we drove a g550 several months back and really loved how unique the feel was when piloting this car you’ve got an incredibly vertical and extremely large windshield in front of you everything is just squared off and it gives you very very good visibility which would be helpful in off-roading or perhaps I in the military this was originally built in the late nineteen seventies at the request of an Iranian monarch and now they are available for civilian use clearly i’m driving 1 i’m not in the military you’ve got tons of headroom tons of space all the way around if you want to rest your arm somewhere you’ve got a lovely armrest here and the controls for the mirror as well as the windows let’s go ahead and put it into sport mode when you put into sport mode the steering firms up almost too much its aggressive least if but then when you turn the steering wheel more than about a quarter turn it starts loosening up far too much and that kind of makes the steering feel a little bit sloppy and under unpredictable and I don’t like that also in sport mode the suspension is way way to firm it does not ride well if you’re looking for a comfortable SUV this really isn’t it I mean the seats are comfortable you’ve got plenty of space but in terms of the driving dynamics it is pretty rough let’s go ahead and spray some water here on the windshield it’s getting a little dirty windshield wipers work well the g-wagen has a tendency and I really don’t like this to drift all over in between the lane when you’re just trying to go straight it seems to swerve to the left and to the right and that is very much exacerbated when you decide to Florida and of course with a twin-turbo 5.5 litre v8 making 563 horsepower and 531 pound-feet of torque why would you not for it but you have to be careful when you do to really really pay attention because the car does like to veer to the left and to the right kind of uncontrollably vehicle weighs just under 6,000 pounds so it’s pretty incredible that I can do zero to 60 in under five seconds but that’s what a lot of power and a lot of torque can do theexhaust sounds just incredible. ah paddles respond very slow one characteristic of Mercedes that I really don’t like is when you flick the paddle there’s just too much of a delay BMW has that down a lot better and i think they could learn from there we’ve got a heated steering wheel feels really nice in your hand of course we’ve got heated and cooled seats as well you got plenty of space in the back for fitting three medium sized adults you got a nice head room the leg room isn’t all that great but then way in the back you’ve got tons of cargo space for storing whatever you need whether that’s lots of groceries from whole foods or yoga mats it’s got you covered for sure maneuvering in parking lots although this doesn’t seem to be a large concern you would think 4g wagons you’re going to be in parking lot a lot in los angeles and Rodeo Drive so it is important to be able to maneuver well and honestly the turning radius is pretty bad but you’ve got a nice backup camera and visibility all around so you can maneuver well there’s a fellow boxcar their jeep wrangler rubicon but this is better in almost every way although the Rubicon probably is better on intense off-road this does have very short front and rear overhangs so you can make really aggressive approach angles for rock crawling and going offroad but chances are you will never do that it is a very nice seating position in the g-wagen you can see over the hood very well you’re very high off the ground and you pretty much feel invincible because this is such a large heavy truck that’s a good thing but due to the unpredictable steering it does kind of feel like you’re more likely to crash then you should be and that.

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