Why The Porsche Cayman GT4 Is The Most FUN Car For $100k


Finally a caiman that isn’t performance limited purely so that it doesn’t overshadow its bigger brother the 911 this is the result of enthusiasts screaming for the ultimate mid engine six-speed manual track car finally no more bullshit we don’t have a downsize engine just because this car is a caiman we’ve got the motor straight out of a 911 carrera s that means 385 horsepower and 310 pound feet of torque out of a 3.8 liter flat-six this car is also equipped with the six-speed manual transmission method so beautiful oh my god porsche killed it with their manuals and this is no exception the linkage is so smooth everything is so tight the throws are extremely short i mean if i can think of a perfect gearbox this is it right here in the Cayman gt4 for his car is all about weight savings we’ve got a curb weight of under 3,000 pounds that means this car is insanely fun in the twisties yeah it’s not as fast as a gt3 in a straight line but this car grips so well part of that is thanks to the trickle-down economics that Porsche often does we’ve got the front suspension from a gt3 we’ve got a motor from a Carrera S and a steering wheel inspired by the 918 spyder we’re grabbing stuff from cars that typically are of an upper-echelon to the Cayman and plopping them right down here in one of the most brilliant chassis has ever created now this is a mid-engine car not</font> a rear-engine car like the gt3 so you’re more confident in the turns because you know that if you push it a little bit too far this car is gonna be really controllable if you lose it whereas a gt3 because of all that weight in the back once the momentum gets going you’re gonna spin like a top oh yes oh yes oh yeah the power doesn’t really come on until the upper rpm range but when you get up past 5,000 6,000 rpm all the way up to at 7500 RPM redline
oh my god it feels quick and it sounds absolutely brilliantmy only gripe with the manual transmission is the gearing well it’s probably optimal for a racetrack it doesn’t really allow you to ring through the gears on the road first gear goes 46 miles an hour second gear goes 82 obviously you’re not really going to be going over 82 miles an hour often especially on twisty back roads so that means you’re pretty much limited to leaving the car in 2nd or 3rd gear that’s already cuts the steering makes up for it we’ve got the electronic steering from a 911 but thatdoesn’t mean that it’s bad you hear the words electronic and you think off that probably means you lose road feel absolutely not this car is incredibly connected to the road oh my god listen to that exhaust we’ve got the sports exhaust and click the loud button and that is what a flat 6 should sound like oh my book you somewhat miss that it doesn’t wrap all the way up to the ridiculous 9000rpm of the gt3 but Paul unless you’re driven one of back-to-back to the Cayman gt4 you won’t really regret your decision if you’re looking for a modern-day man and machine all-out enthusiast car this is fit the repeated here it is a very very raw driving experience oh my god the steering wheel is the perfect size this is the Porsche sports steering wheel that was derived from the 918 Spyder and man does it give you the perfect control on the road i wish the car was a little bit faster will be honest there imagine if they put a gt3 motor inside of a cayman gt4 how ridiculous would that be you’re not going to have too much more fun than this in a tight twisty background
oh my I mean can you see how much fuck happen right now this is unbelievable the car comes standard with Michelin Pilot Sport cup two tires which are incredibly sticky this car actually has Dunlop’s on it

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